Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guest post by Nicole a.k.a. Miss Mix-a-Lot

Salutations readers!  I had to deviate from my focus on weddings which was quite difficult but I managed :).  So I have been thinking about this and felt pressured the entire week to meet the high standards that are met by pepperandpoppy on a daily basis.  I hope I make you proud, Lauren.  My focus for today... The many uses for pillaged script from 1001 Free Fonts.

I will be elucidating on the many ways I have used the stolen calligraphy from 1001 Free Fonts since I had been introduced to the site by Vanilla-Spilla.

1.   Using fonts for letters that would not be available in Word.  I find myself limited when it comes to fonts from Word.  They seem drab, mundane and overused.  This is when I take a trip onto the magical site which is 1001 Free Fonts and take my pick.
2.   Beautiful headings and covers to lessons, worksheets and wedding binders (also incorporating ClipArt!)
3.  Table number templates (  I will be using the numbers to trace onto cross sections of trees then Dremel them out to create a whimsical yet natural looking table number.
4.  Creative labels for organization.  You can make labels for plastic containers and adhere them to the outside so you can know what the contents are.
5.  Whimsical "to and from" labels for holiday gifts.  Holly and I made cute "top and from" labels for kids Christmas gifts.  We used a font that looked "elf-y."  We printed them out and had a wonderful time coloring them in.
6.  Adding a little flair to a majestic dog's collar.  No caption needed. :)

These are just a few of the uses I have found for the fonts but there are many more that I have yet to discover.  You bet your bottom dollar that I will be using these fonts for a lot of details in my upcoming nuptials!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest Post by Steph B.

After drafting my rough version of this on my trusty yellow legal size pad, I feel the need to preface my guest post with a disclaimer- I am not technologically savvy so this post will not contain any fancy shmancy clip art, artistic photographs of my boutique treasure finds or any special fonts. I’m lucky I got signed into this thing in the first place. It is in my genetic disposition to be a little slow with technology. (Brock still does not trust banks and prefers to keep envelopes of 100s in his safe instead; who needs an ATM with that method?). Anyways, I have decided to post a recipe as I am really only good at two things- identifying the name, year and artist of any Hallmark ornament ever made and baking. Let’s face it readers, we all want a deliciously dirty recipe that does not contain sushi, tea or vegetables and since we all know that this goes against Lauren’s religion, I will defy her healthy ways today and post one of the goodies that I made.  The recipe is from Pillsbury’s website:
There, I posted a link- can’t say I did not incorporate tech. If only I could come up with a cross curricular connection, this post would be complete. Anyway, I find the doughboy to be a constant companion in my kitchen. His recipes are not hard and are easy to handle (that’s what she said)!
So, these bars came out quite tasty if I say so myself. I prefer to crush my own graham crackers so that does take a little extra time, but it is worth it. It is sometimes hard for me to appreciate my own treats as I have a dirty little habit of calculating the cost of the recipes. This one was quite expensive by the time you buy the toffee bits, dough, milk, graham crackers and chips. I prefer milk chocolate chips so I substituted them instead and I had no complaints… 
So since Lauren is away, try this recipe but please do not substitute the chocolate with carob or the cookie dough with tofu! 
PS- You too could own one of these stylish cake stands- I heard that Lauren can help you out with that...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Post from Ryane G.

Greetings good subscribers of the Pepper and Poppy blog.  I feel so lucky that Lauren left her blogging responsibilities to me on what would typically be her Thursdate with Keally.  I have managed to infiltrate their Thursdates by brainwashing them to take a dance class with me like the weasel that I am.  I will surely miss them tonight when I'm dancing (I use that term lightly of course, because what I'm actually doing is skipping to my right while everyone else is grooving to their left) alone.

I have stress that Lauren would trust me with this blogging task, I hope not to be a disappointment.
I wouldn't dream to do anything besides honor Lauren & Keally's Thursdate by chronicling what I've done today in what I will call:

What we did:
Drove around in the car listening to music

Went to the park:

What we ate/drank:
Sour Cream & Onion Pringles and nothing. Needless to say, we were thirsty.

We had a really great day, but I'm afraid Popple overexerted herself.  She is cranky and needs a nap.  Thank you beautiful readers!  I hope you enjoyed my guest attempt.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Post from Tricia Gail

Hello lovely readers of Pepper&Poppy! I have to say, I was extremely honored with Lauren asked me to guest post, and on "Weird Clip Art Wednesday" of all days. So, here it is...
When given the (very stressful!) task of finding unique clip art for this post, I decided to search themed pictures in honor of the host. Searches of "Florida" just gave me pictures of weird old men I didn't know and a bunch of plants, so I tried "Vacation," and this is what came up. A few things stood out to me about this picture...
  1. The fact that cats seem to be wearing some type of period historical dress that I knew Lauren would appreciate.
  2. The fact that it's not just "Catland School," but "The Catland School," as if there are some second-rate catland schools out there that are just not as prestigious as this one.
  3. The fact that the gardens and grass are so overgrown, proving once again that the opposable thumb is a very important feature. Then again, they could be going for that Secret Garden look, and in that case, bravo Catland cats, you've done a lovely job.
  4. And lastly, perhaps I was channeling Lauren's "Hagood and Blowfish" band member when I saw this picture, but I couldn't help but think, "How come the black cat doesn't get a jumprope?"
Hopefully I have fulfilled your "Weird Clip Art Wednesday" fix and lived up to blogging expectations (if not, just pretend I did because we all know I don't handle criticism well). Now, I'm off to clean my house that was ravaged by the boy and his drunken college roommates. Oh the joys of domestic life!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In 24 hours, Keally P, Jenny B, and I will proudly declare via our FB statuses that we're spring breaking in Miami. Isn't that why folks travel, to tell everyone at home on Facebook where they are?

I thought I would make this vacation an analog one and leave my netbook at home; but, digital heads prevailed and I will be connected.

I will be taking a break from the blog, though. Fortunately for you, dear readers, I will not leave p&p unattended. I've entrusted the care of my blog with a  few of my lovely lady-friends, some of them other bloggers, some of them readers. I'm really looking forward to what they have to say!

Before I sign off until Sunday, I must let you know:

I've locked up the 'Boro and made sure not to leave anything plugged in.
I've reviewed my Things to Pack list about 14 times, cut out the unnecessaries, and added more unnecessary.
I weighed my suitcase, it has made the 40lb carry-on cut, just barely.
I've made it a part of my vacation plans to keep an eye out for a lost octopus named Pulpo.

Who is Pulpo? He's a three foot tall papier mache octopus that went missing from a Miami library a few years ago. His creator, Divitto Kelly, describes him as ,", cheery, big smile, devilish looking eyes." Personally, I don't think Pulpo looks cheery at all, I think he looks a bit maniacal. For this reason alone, the giant of the sea should remain unfound, but Divitto's anguish over his lost papier mache pal caused the artist to launch an internet-based ABP to find him:
Missing: Maniac

The least I could do is keep my eyes peeled for Pulpo. Hopefully, he's all eight-tentacled-hugs behind those devilish looking eyes.

See you Sunday, readers!

Stay tuned for guest bloggers...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursdate Special Guest: Ryane G: Queen of the Dance

Tonight's Thursdate was extra special because it included a guest appearance from the lovely Ryane G of A Lukewarm Account of Happenings. Keally and I promised to go dancing with Ryane G. on one of our previous Thursdates. We held true to our word, had a blast with Ryane, and learned a thing or two at Group Groove.

Things I Learned at Group Groove:

1) I am 100% Caucasian. Regardless of what you may think when you walk behind me, I am a certifiable white girl with zero rhythm. I think the instructor threw in the running man and the shuffle ball heel change to pity me.

2) Ryane G is the Queen of the Dance. I was lucky she was in front of me in class or else I would probably have asked if I could work the music like I did in 12th grade gym when I made the mistake of taking the Hip Hop Dance elective. This lady's got moves, she made grooving with a group look easy as cheese. I can only imagine what she's capable of on roller skates...

3) There is no whooping in Group Groove. Lots of running in place, soldier boy arms, hammer time, and other ridiculousness; however, no whooping. I was pleased with this.

After we said our goodbyes to the Queen of the Dance and agreed to reconvene for more grooving in two weeks, Keally and I concluded our Thursdate with a Miami Slam Jam Planning Session  at Barnes&Noble. It was slam jam because we had 30 minutes to do it. Slam jam!

What We Ate/Drank:
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies : Not too shabby
Lauren: Skinny Vanilla Iced Latte
Keally: Skinny Caramel Machiatto

We then realized that it was 9:45 pm and our iced coffees were caffeinated. Mine was already half gone but Keally saved hers for tomorrow. Hence, why I am awake and posting with a smile.

 Keally and I thoroughly enjoyed GG and plan to test our new moves in Miami next week. Ryane G and I have already decided that we are choreographing a GG dance epic to perform at Brother Brian's hitchin' in Missouri this summer.  What do you think about adding some line dancing to our number, Ryane G?

Thursdates are extra special with special guests,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting and WCAW

Last night,  I had the pleasure of spending the evening with  Niko & Oskar. The two boys who make up this cutesome twosome are my nephews and I love love love them. What did we do? We had an adventure in babysitting (AIB)!

Two favorite {AIB} moments:
1)While we were watching Wallace and Grommitt, Niko warned me that there would be lightning and asked me if I wanted him to hold my hand. Of course, I did.

2) Oskar fell asleep on me while we watched W&G. Poor guy has a stuffy nose and snored pretty loudly for such a minute dude. At one point during the episode, Niko looked at us, shrugged, smiled, and said, "He's snorin' loud, Aunt Lauren." No complaints, just an observation. Also, Niko wore his Batman mask the entire time he watched W&G.

And, for your viewing pleasure: Weird Clip Art Wednesday: Girl, Playing with Hair

Only two more days until Spring Break,

EBEW: I Think You're Lying to me About Shortening That Skirt...

Kendi Everyday asked, Do You EBEW? At first, I didn't know what EBEW was, after I checked it out, I discovered: I do EBEW, indeed.

EBEW stands Everybody Everywear. EBEW is a website that takes an item of clothing and challenges clotheshorses everywear to style it. This month's piece of clothing was the maxi skirt. The result, described so well by Kendi Everyday, " A gallery of different bloggers wearing similar items in completely different ways. Fair warning -- it will blow your little style blogger mind." And blow my mind it did.

Readers, you already know how proud I am of my maxi skirt styling; but, EBEW needs to know, too.
 By the way, last Friday when Keally and I went to the thrift store she assumed I was lying when I said I would shorten all of the maxi skirts I wanted to buy. I was.


Maxi | Everybody, Everywear

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the weekend in 7 snaps

Besides the exception of a bothersome cold, my weekend was full of previously owned treasures and delicious things. Here is the weekend in 7 snaps:

1) Mish-Mosh Matroyshka: My mom and I have a real problem with Matroyshka dolls. She has more than I do, but really how many of these nesting dolls does one sane person need? I saw this little lady and her four counterparts in the Mish Mosh aisle at the boutique. My genetics kicked in and I couldn't leave without her. I think she looks quite nice next to the teapots, don't you?
2,3,4) Deskette: I have too much jewelry. I guess I forget I only have two ears and ten fingers to display these pieces when I'm shopping. Anyway, all these baubles needed a place to be kept, hence deskette.

If a miniature writer from the Victorian era ever wants to rent a room in my apartment, I'll have a really great workspace for him.

5,6) Junk for Charity: This Saturday, Steph B and I headed over to a craft fair at a local middle school. In my mind, craft fair signifies handmade crafts, not whatever you came across when you were cleaning out your garage. There were very few crafts at this event, most of the wares were...well...junk. But I love junk. I got into a heated discussion with one junk-peddler over a tea pot. Here's how it went:
Pushy Peddler: Buy this tea service, you can even have the tray. Ten dollars.
Me: I only want the tea pot. No one uses services anymore, your teacups will sell for more if you sell them individually.
Pushy Peddler: (Speechless)
Me: Three bucks.
Pishy Peddler: Four.
Me: Deal.
That's how you deal with a pushy peddler.

I also got a very pretty candy dish from a girl who was raising money for leukemia. All her profits went to charity. I thought that was pretty noble and I didn't even haggle with her. What better place to keep dark chocolate m&ms?

7) Scotch, best served warm: Saturday night Karen and Klark came over for Pad Thai. It was pretty good; although, I think that I should start writing recipes down instead of googling them on my phone. When you lose service, which happens petty often in the 'Boro, you have to make educated guesses and this can be problematic. Thankfully, the Pad Thai was successful and Klark took a picture. Two other important things I learned from K&K, you don't put scotch in the freezer and I should really read the manual that came with my camera. Thanks guys, now I know.
How was your weekend?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Not Meant Teux Be

We tried. We really did. Steph B and I had big plans to bring Iron Horse Teux back to the 'Boro today. Everything was falling into place, my boutique compatriot and I arranged to switch cars so I could take my previously owned treasure home. Steph B cleaned out the backseat of her car and removed the headrests so Iron Horse Teux could ride home from the boutique in comfort. I cleaned out the backseat of my car so Steph B could drive it without embarrassment. Keally even met us at RW&B to share in the fun that would have been the purchase of Iron Horse Teux.

Unfortunately, I'm an idiot or need to get my vision checked. When I first inspected this bicycle, I read the tag as 29 dollars. Upon second inspection, the two was really a seven. $80 for a used bike? Not happening, no way. Do you know how many unsweetened iced teas from d&d or gluten-free peanut butter and jelly Larabars 80 dollars can buy? Needless to say, the bicycle remained at the boutique, underneath the luggage rack to collect more dust. Keally suggested I buy one of the 19 razor scooters alongside the bike as a consolation. I disagreed, not only would owning a razor scooter make me feel worse, but they too were incredibly overpriced. Although I was considerably bummed, I haven't given up on my dreams of second-hand cycledom, just yet. Iron Horse Teux is out there somewhere; and hopefully, she will come with a gift of complimentary pyrex.

Readers, do you know something I don't? Was this outrageous price for a second-hand bicycle reasonable? Any information, consolation, compliments, or free bicycles you can provide would be much appreciated.

Also, don't think I forgot about Weird Clip Art Wednesday.

The Saga of the Iron Horse: Teux Be Continued,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Iron Horse Teux

Many moons ago, amidst the foothills of PA (foothills, my sore-tush), I was the proud owner of a JCPenney road bicycle courtesy of a goodwill near Kutztown, PA. It only cost $10.00, I didn't even get a receipt. I think the gw folks were surprised anyone would want it. Always providing inanimate objects with nomenclature, the JCP road cycle earned the name The Iron  Horse. In Chinua Achebe's novel, Things Fall Apart, the Igbo had never seen a bicycle. When a missionary rode up on one, they called it "the iron horse."Good things were not in the future for this missionary, good things were not in the future for this owner of the Iron Horse.

I went through many trials and tribulations to own this bike. From arranging rides from a friend with a large car trunk to transport the bicycle back to campus (Thank you, Plumbster), to paying  the local bike shop for multiple inspections and tune-ups, a bike lock, tire pump, and knapsack (every serious rural cyclist wears a knapsack, just ask the Amish), this bike was costing quite a bit more than the initial 10 the goodwill asked for. Let's not forgot the cost to my emotions when I had to sheepishly beg public safety to cut my bike lock because I lost the key. They said no, I needed to prove ownership in order for PS to snip the lock, so I had to go back to the thrift store and jog the geriatric cashier's memory to the time two weeks prior when I first bought my bike. She wrote me a receipt on an index card. Public safety didn't love this proof of purchase; but, it was better than nothing. Hence the bike was mine, again.

Perhaps all the challenges of upkeep that came along with this bicycle were harbingers for what this thing really was underneath its silver, JCPenney decals: a lemon. The Iron Horse was in bad shape. The tires would go flat five minutes into my ride and the brakes were questionable. The GOAT begged me to leave the bike at KU when he moved me out senior year. We'd been through too much, the Iron Horse and I, I wouldn't just leave her for any dumpster diver to loot and pillage for parts.

The Iron Horse came back to NJ. She resides in my parents' garage collecting dust. I think her only purposeful future lies in being salvaged for parts. I would at least like to donate her to an organization that collects for charity. 

I haven't given up on keeping a bicycle in my life. If I do make it out of the 'boro in one piece, Metuchen is very bicycle friendly.  Karen&Klark have already offered  me a space in their apartment bldg basement to store one. Three iron horses in one basement, it will be like a stable!

Readers, there is a slim possibility of  an Iron Horse Teux in my immediate future. If I blog about this, will I jinx myself? I'll take my chances.

Last Friday at the Boutique, underneath the luggage, I spied an old Peugeot for 29 dollars. I thought this was a little much because of the price I paid for Iron Horse One so I decided not to check it out. I discussed the bike with Klark and when I told him it was a Peugeot, he lowered his spectacles to the bridge of his nose and said, "Peugeot? Good man! Get it!" Okay,  he wasn't that dramatic, but he thought it was a good deal. Klark is my go-to for all things bicycle and musical instrument related, so if he's in, so am I, good man!

Long story short, I'm going to check out the Peugeot tomorrow before tutoring and volleyball armed with my new-found knowledge of the ABC Quick Check from the Etsy Blog's How-Tuesday: Tune Up Your Bicycle for Spring. Be forewarned, if you view this video, you will develop a crush on Jacob; however, by the end of the clip, it will fade. He is corny. 
Is your bicycle read for spring?

I got a new dress from Target. Isn't it wonderful?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Marvelous Monday

What made Monday so marvelous? Three things:

1) A comfortable, highly complimented, previously owned outfit

I stole this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, orchid grey. My styling isn't an exact copy, but it's pretty darn close. The thrifted skirt is what makes this ensemble comfortable and hilarious. While I received a great many compliments, one compliment from an esteemed colleague who is a floor length skirt  fanatic truly made my day marvelous. I knew I was channeling her when I put this together. Steph B pointed out the possibility of this skirt having belonged to said esteemed colleague before it was mine. A girl can only dream.

2) Weather
Car thermometer read 80 degrees on my way to the grocery store. Changed from my boots into flip flops after school. Can't wait for spring.  Why is this paragraph entirely comprised of incomplete sentences that start with C? Cause.

3) New Blog Design c/o Tricia Gail
Did you notice pepper&poppy's new look? Lovely isn't it? All thanks to the wonderfulness of Tricia Gail. Apparently PREP stands for Pepper&poppy REdesign blog header Period.

Was your Monday marvelous? No? Well then, here are three things you can do to make it more so:

Make a batch of the delirious kitchen's  simply wonderful chocolate chip cookies. If your Monday is still not marvelous afterward, I don't think much else will make it so.

Drool over all the elegant and wonderful wedding details The Princess and the T is putting together. Tree stump cake stands and Cinderella coaches make everyone smile.

If The Princess and the T didn't fulfill your delightfully detailed wedding fix, head over to And Dog Makes 3, to check out Tricia Gail's lovely inspiration board. Brightly colored bunting and spread the love jam favors are truly marvelous.

P.S. If you make the simply wonderful chocolate chip cookies and value our friendship, dear reader, save some for me.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Keds: the "Ultimate-Wish Mattquest-a-Happy-Birthday-Shoe"

Happy Birthday, Mattquest! I used my dear, navigationally-advanced friend's day of birth to introduce you to the latest addition to my collection of Keds.  My collection isn't extensive; however, these pink Keds are thrifted and cost $3.00. Their frugality and lovely pink color make them the perfect piece of footwear to wish Mattquest a Happy Birthday in.

As you can in the Venn diagram below, both Matt and Keds are equally awesome. The two even have a few things in common.