Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kacie & Brian's Wedding: A Photo Story : Chapter 1

I can't even think. It's 3 AM and I'm still not done editing the 696 (I rounded) photos I took in Missouri last week. Ryane G's photos are up and posted on FB. She's no slacker. Not to be outdone, here's just a taste of the photographic documentation that is Kacie and Brian's July 23rd Nuptials.

Yes, I had a miniature heart attack when I saw all the gorgeous antiques in the Phelps House. And yes, there was cross-stitch and needlepoint EVERYWHERE. <3

Cabinet o' Cameras! My aunt pointed this out to me. Yet another reason I have a huge crush on the Phelps House. Call me.

Cutest flowergirl, Sierra, and MOH, Erin M.

Get ready for gorgeous overload...

EricaKacieErin Sandwich. Yum.

Sasquatch sissy!

Kacie and her mom, Cindy.

Peepin' on the bride.

Cindy snappin' some shots.

It was a tad warm.

Getting in the tub...what? You didn't do that on your wedding day? Weird.

Rub a dub dub, two cuties in a tub!


Watch twins!

How do I look? Great!

First look

Here they come!

True love is when you check one another's teeth...

Ladies Ceraso: Hot to Trot!

Betty: "What is this prom?"

Lookin' good with the GOAT


Family Maslowski : Note Oskar with the very proprietary gesture.
More pictures and posts from the reception and other JoMo excursions forthcoming!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kacie's Bridal Shower: A Photo Story

About a month ago, we had a bridal shower for a special lady named Kacie. In nine days, Kacie will become my brother Brian's wife. If ever a bridal shower was as lovely as the bride being celebrated, Kacie's Bridal Shower certainly was. Check it out:

You're Invited...

Tricia Gail made these cross-stitched favor tags.

Tea Party

Brian got his unsuspecting lady to her Bridal Shower right on time!
Future Mr & Mrs M

ErinKacieSara sandwich. Delish.

Lovely guests!

Ladies out.
Erica and her mommy! Seriously, best chefs/hosts/hot ladies ever!

Dream Team: NJ


So much good food. Hey Tricia Gail!

Guest book signing, and no my dress doesn't have tulle or a crinoline underneath it. Sigh.

Betty loves her Kacie.

Damn Sara and her excellent taste in accessories.

Frosting. Toppings. Fillings. Our DYO Cupcake Bar had it all. We love labels.

That's right. All that dessert is just for her.


Ryane G of a Lukewarm Account of Happenings threatens to jump if she doesn't get to the front of the cupcake line. Laura W talks her down.
Cupcake happy.


You're a lucky woman, Kacie...

Okay, she seriously is.

A couple things:
1) I'm thinking of buying stock in Kleenex. For the last month or so, anything Brian and Kacie wedding related has sent me into tears. And by anything I mean helping Betty pick out her dress for the wedding, designing the future Mr & Mrs M's wedding program, making this photo story, and green traffic lights because green is one of Kacie's wedding colors. Ok, I'm lying about the traffic lights. That's just dangerous. 

2) This spectacular bridal shower could not/would not have happened without the organization, hard work, creativity, and hottness of the following ladies:
Erica: Beautiful house, delicious food, and a true knack for keeping me from going insane during the planning. Love. This. Girl. Also, my aunt ML told me that she thinks Erica's mom is hot. While this is true, that's not a weird all.

Sara: Ask and you shall receive is her motto. Made two delicious quiches I'm still thinking about and  never lost her nursely cool. No one needed Sara's medical attention during the shower, thankfully. However, she did wear a gorgeous Michael Kors watch that caught my attention and has since set my bank account back a bit. Thanks a lot Sara.

Erin: The final member of the NJ bridesmaid dream team. How she baked all the delicious cupcakes for the DYO Cupcake bar and dealt with and promptly responded to all my insane lists and emails all while raising the most adorable child in the world? I don't know, you can ask her for her Super Mom secrets.

Tricia Gail: I think I may have to start paying you for being my friend, TG. Since the day talks of this NJ shower began, Tricia Gail was on board to help. She shared ideas from her own lovely sissy's, Jillian M of Delirious Kitchen,  bridal shower, volunteered a ton of her time to help me with cupcake wrappers, signs, and favor tags and assembly. On the day of the shower, she came with me and helped me set up, take photos, serve food, and clean up. Is there a better friend out there? No, there really isn't. I need yet another a kleenex.

Lovely readers, I cannot wait to "get Joppled" in nine days. I'm bringing the Cadillac of cameras along with me to Missouri and promise to bring back a whole volume of photo stories for you.

Lots of love to Brian and Kacie. I cannot wait to see you two get hitched!