Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm not still eating raw apples.

I've moved on to pumpkin EVERYTHING, readers. Now, I could stuff my hands in my pockets and refuse to make eye contact while I scuff my Keds along the ground and say, "It's been awhile." But I won't do that to you, dear readers. You just want to see pictures, anyway. Without any further insincere apologies, I present to you:

 1) On Thursday, Keally P, Matt G, and I headed down to AC to meet up with Rob for the NJEA teacher's convention. No workshops were attended; however sweaters were the theme of the trip. Pictured above is the back of Matt G's thrifted cardigan. I made multiple attempts to steal this, he caught me every time. Probably because it was so warm that I drifted into a deep sleep every time I put this woolen wonder on.
 2) So we're going a little out of order, readers. Before I left for AC, I went for a run on the 'boro's Lenape Trail. Fall in the 'boro is mediocre; but, the yellows are pretty nice and certainly worth documenting.
 3) Keally P and I are ready to go out. No, I didn't wear those glasses out. Yes, I was upset about that. Had I worn them, I would've been able to see the hijinx of Sweater Girl and the Birthday Troll much more clearly.
 4) My teacher likes to party all the time party all the time party all the time, in faux snow.
 5) Karaoke vocal chord recuperation courtesy of Starbucks. An extra free 20 bucks on my gold card courtesy of the new guy working there. Thank you!
6) On Saturday evening, the beasthound and I had a girls' night in. Be proud of me, readers, I didn't cave to "the look" (seen in the photo above) and let her sleep in my bed. I did nearly lose my life when she charged a squirrel in the AM. Holding onto a leash with a 80lb dog running full speed might be what riding a mechanical bull feels like. Yes, I know I need my bangs trimmed, again.
7) Finally, a weekend conclusion  with adventures in the world of pumpkin baking. Yes, those are Christmas wrappers. I didn't use them because I'm jumping the December gun, I used them for safety purposes. They're made by Nordicware and I like to think of them as armor to protect baked goods from my poorly behaved oven.

Was your weekend full of faux snow, pumpkin, and beasthounds? I hope so.