Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursdate with the GOAT

Recently, the only person to accompany me on my Thursdates is...well, me. This is in no way a reflection on my social life; I like to think that all of my loved ones are just itching to hang with me. So what if the last time I called Betty to share with her all the highs and lows of my day, she said, "Is this going to take long? The Good Wife is coming on."

While my one parental unit is more inclined to keep up with the career of that guy who played Mr. Big on SITC, my other has still yet to let me down.
Instead of my usual solo hangout in Panera, I spent this Thursdate with my dad. Betty was going out with her "friends from school" (when did she get those?), so the GOAT had no plans for dinner. If I could make a guess, I would wager his dinner involved leftovers in the form of kielbasa. Never good the next day. I hijacked his evening and we dined at the fine eatery that is Subway. Don't scoff, readers, the GOAT and I love Subway.

Why we love Subway:
1) The GOAT always has a coupon and we both feel like we got away with something criminal when we use it.
2) We might be the least pickiest people on the face of the earth when it comes to "eating out". If the food tastes good, doesn't take forever to make, and is relatively inexpensive; we're very happy.

Why I Love Taking the GOAT to Subway
1) He almost always gets whatever I'm getting
2) He always tries to pay and when I say no, I can guarantee that he will say with sincerity, "Thanks so much for dinner, kid. I really appreciate it."
3) He always asks me about one or two of the following people:
A) Tricia Gail's Danny: "How's Danny doing in Newark?" Danny carries a gun and loves Libby, therefore he's very interesting.
B) Lydia: "Hey, have you heard from that Harkness girl lately?" Surprisingly, Lydia is also licensed to carry a firearm; however, the GOAT loves her, ammunition-wielding or not.
C) My brother Brian: "Brian never texts me anymore, what's he been up to?" (at this point in our conversation, he usually shows me an email or text from Brian from a day or two previous at which he asks me how he can respond in a way to annoy or tease my brother.)
Recently Anthony has made the list and he's always curious to know where he is "flying to". Maybe the GOAT thinks I date a pilot or a goose?

Why this Subway Thursdate especially ruled:
Behind us in line was another, much younger Dad/Daughter Subway Thursdate going on. I don't normally have unkind things to say about this establishment, but sometimes the Way of the Sub can take a long time to make your 'wich. Daughter of said combo was around 7 years old? Probably practiced more patience than I did. She passed her time in the queue talking her GOAT's ear off about Ke$ha, her day at school, how cool it would be if Taylor Swift was her teacher, and while I didn't hear it, I'm sure sparkles or ponies were mentioned, as well. While my GOAT whistled along to the Ke$ha song playing at the Way (I have no idea how he knows this) and I eavesdropped/shot impatient looks at the dude in front of us ordering a very complicated pastrami sub, her GOAT was completely intrigued and fascinated with his child's fast-paced, take a moment or two from talking and have Dad twirl me, conversation. He also didn't miss a single twirl opportunity.

This readers, is the most important reason why I love Thursdates with the GOAT. I'm 25 years old and my GOAT still pays attention and shows interest in all my ramblings. Sadly, my conversations don't include ponies or sparkles, anymore. At least not that often, anyway.

I'm also completely confident the GOAT wouldn't miss a twirl opportunity, if I asked for one, either.

Happy Thursday,

Oh, the pic is What We Ate.

On a sidenote, when I snapped a shot of our subs, the GOAT said, "Let's send it to Brian to make him jealous."

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