Friday, January 20, 2012

Clothed...Kind Of

It's been a week since we last touched base on 30for30.
Contrary to what you may think,  just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been wearing clothes to work.
Day7 may lead you to believe otherwise.

More 30 for 30 below.

Oh, KBP wears clothes, too.
Mrs. P takes no prisoners. Weapon of choice: a combination of a pencil skirt and two cats who play video games.

Braid, Belt, Boot, and Recycle. Repeat!
The B in KBP is for Beauty and Beret.

Hip background c/o Jenny B's apt in NYC.

Somedane wanted the spotlight.


On my wrist

What exactly are not-pants?
Not-pants: noun

1) a piece of clothing to be worn on the legs as a facade for pants. Best used when wearer is feeling extremely lazy, "curvy", or has no clean real-pants.

"These not-pants are the reason I didn't get tenure!"

Not-pants take on various forms. One example is jeggings*. Jeggings often disguise themselves as skinny jeans. Tricia Gail and I have a similar pair from Target that are very convincing. The piece of apparel pictured in day7's 30for30 are a terrible excuse for not-pants. They are simply a thicker, textured legging with a vertical seam down the front of each leg.

When I confronted TG with my not-pants situation, she tried to make me feel better by saying, "They look like riding pants." That's exactly what I was going for, the "straight-from-the-barn look".

Who am I kidding? My dog is the size of a small pony and I wear denim and gingham way too frequently.  I love the straight-from-the-barn look.

Next time, I'll take some photos in a hay loft.


*Note: Jeggings are not to be confused with jorts; a very light or dark wash denim pair of shorts with a carpenter's loop. Unfortunately, no hammers rest within this loop.  Jorts usually fall far below the wearer's knees and are also referred to in some circles as the devil's hybrid.*

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