Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30for30: day123

30for30 is back.
Long gone are the days of the myspace-youcanseemycamerainmyfullengthmirror-days.
Instead of a tripod, I use a complicated, cake-plate meets cereal bowl meets cupcake cookbook creation.

Enjoy, readers.

 Of course, a majority of my outfits have accompanying stories. Day one's ensemble prompted a student to go out of his way and say, "Now, I mean this in this most endearing way. Today, Miss M, you look like Minnie Mouse." I didn't even know my kids could spell endearing. For this impressive compliment, the next time I wear my red bicycle skirt, I think I'll wear white gloves.
 No more arrows. I'm not John Madden. What is this magenta blur you keep seeing in the bottom right corner of my photos? Is it a hip new filter? An effect? No, that's part of my makeshift cake-stand tripod mess. Get used to it.
 One last story. Last year, one of my lovelies informed me that I had a habit of dressing like a "female Ellen DeGeneres". I ran into him this afternoon. After we exchanged greetings, he looked down at my boots and said, "Those are some bad boots." I thanked him and said, "I bet Ellen wouldn't wear these." To which he replied, "No, he would not."

Stay tuned for more outfits. Keally P makes her inaugural 30for30: day123 later this week.

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  1. veryyyyyy nice-you're off to an inspiring start, my friend. also, you love target boots and they love you right back. looking forward to outfits 4-30!